Covid-19 Products
Alpha C-19 Super Sanitising Wipes (NEW)
Convenient pre-moistened wipes that kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria including: COVID-19 (coronavirus). No sprays, no sponges or rinsing required. Cleaning of all work stations, factories, equipment, any washable surfaces.
Alpha C-19 Super Safe Sanitising Hand Gel with Pump 70% alcohol (NEW)
Instant Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs including COVID-19 (coronavirus) and leaves your hands clean without using water. Use anywhere, anytime: office, car, factories, travel, hospitals, care homes, sports etc.
Alpha C-19 Super Fresh Disinfectant/Sanitiser - Certified to Kill COVID-19 (NEW)
This versatile all-purpose Sanitiser is effective for general floor cleaning of any type, toilet cleaning, disinfectant, carpet & upholstery shampoo, glass and mirror cleaning, bleach and air freshener and deodoriser.
Alpha Ultra Hygienic Antiviral Sanitising Wipes.
Sanitising and cleaning wipes for use on desks, computers, keyboards, phones, copiers, office equipment and any washable surface. Kills or de-activates pathogens to keep surfaces hygienic and clean.
Alpha Super Concentrated Industrial Sanitiser
A Super Concentrated dilutable product for cleaning and sanitizing food preparation work surfaces.
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