Our Products

AP-1 Alpha Super Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner

A Super concentrated multi purpose & versatile cleaner for use on all surfaces, all types of oil, grease, grime and other organic oils. (detail)

AP-2 Alpha Super Concentrated Industrial Degreaser

A Super Concentrated industrial strength concentrated multi purpose & versatile cleaner for use on all hard surfaces, heavy machinery, painted surfaces & grime. (detail)

AP-3 Alpha Super Concentrated Industrial Sanitiser

A Super Concentrated dilutable product for cleaning and sanitizing food preparation work surfaces.

AP-4 Alpha Super Concentrated Industrial Strength Truckwash

A Super Concentrated vehicle cleaning traffic film remover for pressure washer or manual application. High performance, soil retardant, gloss finish chemical which is effective in both hot and cold water.

AP-5 Alpha All Weather Concentrated Screen Wash

A highly concentrated additive for screen washers in all forms of road transport. Prevents screen wash freezing down to -25C. Also this can be used neat for de-icing.

AP-6 Alpha Ultra Hygienic Antiviral Sanitising Wipes

Sanitising and cleaning wipes for use on desks, computers, keyboards, phones, copiers, office equipment and any washable surface. Kills or de-activates pathogens to keep surfaces hygienic and clean.

AP-8 Alpha Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes

Waterless hand cleaning wipes for the removal of all types of industrial soiling including oil, grease, grime and uncured mastic and sealants, without the need to use a washroom.

About Us

With over three decade's experience in the cleaning chemical industry, we have a wealth of reliable expertise to provide you with a wide range of high quality, environmentally friendly and extremely cost effective cleaning products. We distribute throughout the UK, and can also fulfil contract orders and orders from the public sector, and export our products around the world.

We specialise in using our excellent knowledge to give you the precise product and service that you require, and we are able to tailor our service to meet your needs.

In this changing economy, we understand the importance of value for money, and will strive to achieve value for money for each of our consumers.

Our products cater for almost all cleaning situations including personal hygiene, odour control, wash rooms, catering, floors, animal care and other specialist products. In addition, we are able to supply a range of, disinfectants, detergents, degreasers, Wipes and multi-purpose cleaners.

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